#Janathon 2014: Day 31 – The final day!

I got up early today to do yesterday’s run – jantastic is working as I didn’t want to lose my 100% by skipping a run!

I went to work early to have a go on the treadmill and attempt to get used to different pacing, starting with a slow jog and getting a bit faster.

Great in theory, but somehow I got the treadmill stuck far to fast and took me a few minutes to get it back down to the jogging pace I wanted!

After a kilometre I upped the pace slightly and was pleased to find that it still felt like a jog (I was thinking it might be a bit fast for me to maintain) so for the final km I went faster again. To maintain the faster pace I was having to do bigger strides and my breathing started to speed up, so I found the point where I would count it as running – around the 6 minute 30 per km pace!

I did a couple of minutes of gradually slowing down to cool off, before stretching and getting a shower and changed. Normally I dry my hair in the car, so it was weird (and time consuming) to have to use a hair drier! Great to have the facilities at work, I will have to use it more 🙂

Day 31: 25 minutes on the treadmill.


One thought on “#Janathon 2014: Day 31 – The final day!

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