#Janathon 2014: Day 20 & 21

Whoops day 20 was pretty much a write off. Did a 20 minute slow walk around the car park at dinnertime but wouldn’t really want to count that…so when I got home I intended to workout or go for a run but I was so tired I needed a quick nap to give me some energy – except that quick nap turned into the entire evening asleep! I really was tired!

Day 21 was a struggle too, after sleeping in (no idea how after falling asleep by 7.45pm the night before!) I had to go for a run at dinnertime at work. I really didn’t want to go out despite the lovely sunshiney weather, but hauled myself to the changing room as I thought once I’m there I’ll just get ready on autopilot. Encouragement from the lovely @stellian also helped me get my bum into gear.

Once out in the sunshine the idea of running didn’t seem so bad and it was nice to be out. I found the uphill bits harder than I thought last week but kept going and by the end was feeling much better. The thing I like about running is no matter how awful it feels during it, by the end it feels great! So those bad days aren’t all that bad really. And another one ticked off for jantastic.



Fields between Middle Barton and Sandford St Martin


Day 20: 20 minutes slow walk

Day 21: 30 minutes jog (4.1km)