#Janathon 2014: Day 19

Today was a lazy day after the exertion of yesterdays run and then a fun evening with friends who came round for tea. I managed 350 jumping jacks which were soooo hard, my legs had no energy in them. But I did them!

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#Janathon 2014: Day 18 – A long run

Yesterday’s Janathon post…

Got Janathon back on track with a long run this morning, although I’m not feeling the jumping jacks love. I tried to do some when we got in from the run but I managed 10 before collapsing in a heap!

Anyway, the run. Me & Jay went to run through the forest near Silverstone again, I planned to do two laps, with a bit of there and back down a lane in the woods on my second lap, to get past the 10km mark, but without a specific target distance in mind.

Almost immediately I had to start fighting my legs, yes they could keep moving, and no, not back to the car! It got a little easier as I settled into it, but still had to argue with my legs, right until the last step.

There was a shoot going on in the woods so I was a bit freaked out as the shouting and gunshots seemed to be coming from all over the place. Thankfully when I came across the people it was all going on in one corner & Jay had been through ahead of me, so they had their guns lowered. Everyone seemed so friendly, and I loved their dogs, so I went from being annoyed and a bit scared, to feeling guilty for getting in their way!

20140119-064035 pm.jpg


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