#Janathon 2014: Day 14 – no jumping jacks!!

Mobile technology is fabulous, I’m writing this in bed off my phone! Feeling very weary tonight so I imposed a rest day from the jumping jacks…I don’t fancy adding another 250 onto tomorrow’s lot & Jay hadn’t planned in any rest days, but I think they are needed!

What I did do today was go for a run at dinner time – I was glad I didn’t go out on the frosty pavements first thing, no doubt would have slipped and slided my way around the village! I didn’t quite get away from my desk & changed as promptly as I would have liked so picked the shorter of the two routes I had in mind.

It it took me a few minutes to get my legs and breathing at the right pace, but it was a gorgeous day and so nice to be out that I soon relaxed into it. I was expecting to struggle because the area around work is quite hilly but it wasn’t too bad. I walked at the steepest bits so my heart didn’t beat it’s way out of my chest, but I can get out of breath walking and talking up that hill, so was overall fairly pleased with my progress!

Day 14: Ran 4.2km in 30 minutes.