#Janathon 2014: Day 3

Got today’s janathon up and running with half an hour of walking around the car park at work. There was a cold wind but that part of Oxfordshire escaped without rain for most of the day, so we were lucky really!

The jumping jacks doubled from yesterday – 100 doesn’t feel too bad but I’m not looking forward to increasing even further in a few days!

After the jumping jacks I did 10 minutes of upper body strength training using an app called Sworkit. How I’m going to clap my hands in jumping jacks tomorrow I’m not quite sure – there were a lot of push-ups in that 10 minutes and although I can’t do proper push ups on my toes, my arms still were burning by the end!

I finished it off with 10 minutes of full body stretching, again from the Sworkit app.

Looking ahead to the weekend and it’s time to get back out jogging. I’m not quite sure on the distance yet, I might ease in gently with a couple of miles to get my legs going again. I was going to do the Parkrun in Aylesbury but unfortunately it’s been cancelled due to rain. I’m off to Milton Keynes to do a bit of shopping so I can’t face driving there for Parkrun (if it’s not flooded) to come back for a shower to go back & I’m not keen on the muddy off road-ness of Oxford! Oh well, the local footpaths will do, saves getting up too early too! 🙂

Day 3: Half an hour walk, 100 jumping jacks, 10 mins strength training & 10 mins stretching.

20140103-080520 pm.jpg