#Janathon 2014: Day 15

Normally my motto is ‘why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?’, but instead tonight I went and did tomorrow’s run.

Although it meant that I didn’t have a rest day between runs which I had planned to try to keep my body from rejecting the whole running lark, I thought it was for the best.

I’m not the easiest person to wake up on a morning, so if I didn’t get up I would have to run at work, like I did on Tuesday. It was nice to run in sunshine, but busy changing rooms and time restraints and sweatiness at my desk (yes I did shower :p ) kind of outweighed it, so it’s not my preferred option. Thursday evening is weight watchers night, so that rules evening running out (plus tomorrow night I’m being taken out for tea afterwards).

Normally all these kind of excuses reasons would stop me from going for a run, stop the habit forming and I’d be back to square one. This time I thought I’d be different and try to be proactive, so went out for a 30 minutes interval session.

After 5 minutes warming up of walking and jogging, I started 1 minute intervals between running as fast as I could maintain and walking. I got a stitch a few intervals in and started feeling sick – again normally this would have been a good enough reason to stop running and go home, but instead I slowed down to a jog until I felt recovered enough to run again.

20140115-105854 pm.jpg

I was happy with my pace in the faster minutes, I didn’t feel quite relaxed (I think I looked a lot like Phoebe from that Friends episode when she’s all arms and legs flailing) but I was pleased to find out I could run for a minute at a time! When I started couch to 5k a year ago I couldn’t maintain a jog for 30 seconds, so it’s good to see a difference.

Yay for willpower and motivation!

Edit: I forgot to add in the jumping jacks – I did 300 of them, can you tell that I was falling asleep as I was writing this post to forgot 300 blimming jumping jacks?!

Day 15: 30 mins interval running (4.1km in total) and 300 jumping jacks