#Janathon 2014: Day 4

Today’s exercise was squeezed in whilst tea was cooking (butter bean and bacon gratin, from this months Weight Watchers magazine – I’d recommend it, it was lovely!).

The plan was back down to 50 jumping jacks, which my arms were grateful for! Seeing as I’d had to put a sports bra on to do that it seemed a waste to stop there, so I also did 10 minutes of core strength training from the Sworkit app. My abs certainly need some work! You are supposed to do each exercise for 30secs but I couldn’t manage that for most of them without a few seconds break or two (particularly the ones where my legs had to do scissor or bicycling actions!).

I also dug out my pedometer today to see how many steps I did whilst shopping – 9602 steps, which it reckons is just under 4miles! Does that count?!

Day 4: 50 jumping jacks & 10 minutes core strength training.