The Challenge Ahead…#SHM2014

On Sunday I will be running the Silverstone Half Marathon – my first ever half!

The distance does not worry me as I completed just shy of the 13.1 miles in training a couple of weeks ago. The weather doesn’t put me off, despite the wind that is forecast – it’s Silverstone, I’ve experienced every season in a day there before! The undulation of the track is preying my mind a little bit, as I have memories of cycling along the new start – finish straight and almost grinding to a halt! However I’m sure that will be a breeze compared to going over the bridges at mile 7!

So what is worrying me? Well last Friday and Saturday I started to feel unwell so took some medication to ward off an impending colitis flare up. Unfortunately on Saturday night the shivers started – each and every bout of colitis seems to start with uncontrollable shivers. I have got off lightly, and had a few hours a day of feeling poorly rather than it lasting all day & all night, however I can’t seem to shake it. On Thursday morning I felt fine so went out for a 2 mile run – a last turn over of the legs, nice and short and flat so not to push myself too hard. The running bit was fine, but I felt so poorly during it I have no idea how I’m going to get through 11 more miles if I feel the same way mid run on Sunday! Today was out and out painful – my usual medication, a wheaty bag, painkillers, fennel tea & ginger biscuits could not get me back into a comfortable place, so fingers crossed a couple of early nights & plenty of rest on Saturday do the job, otherwise it could feel like a very long 13.1 miles! Wish me luck – I think I’ll need it!