#Janathon 2014: Day 26 – The one where I don’t recognise myself!

Yesterday’s janathon post (I fell asleep whilst typing it out on my phone!)…

Normally on a weekend I take any chance to be lazy. Not today, today is the first day I have surprised myself by how much getting into running with jantastic and janathon has changed my outlook.

After a couple of days of back pain, I thought it was probably for the best not to run to make sure I’m fully recovered, even though I haven’t had any twinges today at all – the stretching yesterday really helped!

Last night we went to an engagement party in Stratford-upon-Avon and stayed locally in a lovely b&b. Their breakfast and checkout time was a bit earlier than I would of liked after being up late the night before, so I was feeling quite weary today! We wandered about the town centre for an hour or so and it seems like a lovely place, even in the grim, grey, pouring rain.

Shakespeare's Birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Shakespeare’s Birthplace, Stratford-Upon-Avon

Jay was expecting to work this afternoon so we ummed and ahhhed on the journey home about when to fit in a run. After a great party last night & 9am breakfast this morning, neither of us were particularly energetic, we wanted to get home to a cuppa & warm up rather than get straight back out for a run, so decided there wasn’t really enough time. I was in two minds whether it was a good idea incase my back started playing up too…and the heavy rain also played a part in our reluctance!

A little while later Jay found out he wasn’t needed at work, so we had some food & intended to go out for a bit of a run once that had settled. Of course by then the heavy rain had started up again & the sky was really dark, so final decision made – no run today. I’d had a nap so was feeling slightly more energetic, but only very slightly & was glad to have a lazy afternoon.

Then a very strange feeling started to come over me – like I was missing out. I could have logged the weekend on jantastic as a joker due to my back, but that felt like cheating seeing as I was fine today. And as the sunshine found a way through the clouds, all of a sudden I realised that I would have felt sad if I’d missed out on an opportunity….so after all that deliberation, we went out anyway to try to make the most of it before it got dark!

20140127-102959 pm.jpg

At the start as I was warming up….

I decided to go slow and steady and just do whatever I could manage. The slow and steady I did alright at, but keeping it short and sweet wasn’t such a success! I just kept jogging! I did a lap of the forest near Silverstone circuit (including an extra bit when going through there), jogged up past the circuit on the way back to the car but I wasn’t ready to stop, even though it was dark by this point. I carried on jogging up towards the village, and then to the top of the village. Typically at the furthest point away from the car, when it was pitch black, it started pouring down but I just kept jogging! I remember being surprised that the temperature hadn’t dropped, but then when I tried to open a zip on my pocket to have a sweet, I couldn’t open it and I realised that I couldn’t feel anything below my elbows…I must remember to have gloves with me if theres a chance that the temperature will drop!

It wasn’t long before I was back going past the circuit, but in the darkness I missed the crossing to where the car was parked, so decided to carry on a bit further, going in and out of the car parks to try to hit a nice round km. I didn’t know quite how far or how long (I was trying to avoid looking at my watch), but realised it was probably further than I thought when Jay pulled up in the car beside me!

After finishing his run, cooling down and stretching I still wasn’t back so he had come to find me. I carried on back to where we started and was just 0.2km away from the round km marker I was aiming for, so carried on a little bit until my watch beeped to say I’d hit the next km! I had no idea how many km I’d jogged but I didn’t feel totally dead, so was left feeling pretty confident for next weeks 15km.

As it turned out I’d done 14km, only 1km shy of what I wanted earlier on in the week, but still 2km further than my original plan. And that is the longest that I’d jogged without walking, and first time I’d not had to stop and walk on the uphill bits around this route. On the way I had also set another 10km personal record, my third in three weeks! I’m pleased that my progress is going in the right direction 🙂

20140127-103023 pm.jpg

…at the end, photo taken in the same spot!

Day 26: 14km jog including PB 10km of 1:12.40 (taking my strava time rather than garmin as it kept losing me in the wood so I’m not sure I believe it when it says 1:11.51).


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