#Janathon 2014: Day 18 – A long run

Yesterday’s Janathon post…

Got Janathon back on track with a long run this morning, although I’m not feeling the jumping jacks love. I tried to do some when we got in from the run but I managed 10 before collapsing in a heap!

Anyway, the run. Me & Jay went to run through the forest near Silverstone again, I planned to do two laps, with a bit of there and back down a lane in the woods on my second lap, to get past the 10km mark, but without a specific target distance in mind.

Almost immediately I had to start fighting my legs, yes they could keep moving, and no, not back to the car! It got a little easier as I settled into it, but still had to argue with my legs, right until the last step.

There was a shoot going on in the woods so I was a bit freaked out as the shouting and gunshots seemed to be coming from all over the place. Thankfully when I came across the people it was all going on in one corner & Jay had been through ahead of me, so they had their guns lowered. Everyone seemed so friendly, and I loved their dogs, so I went from being annoyed and a bit scared, to feeling guilty for getting in their way!

20140119-064035 pm.jpg


Coming out of the woods revealed a cool soundtrack from Silverstone circuit – there were some very nice Aston Martins driving around that gave me something to look at! By this point I was hot (I had a waterproof thin gillet on over my tshirt as it was raining when we left home), so started moving things into different pockets so I could leave the extra top at my car as I went past. It turns out my phone is heavier than I realised and so kept pulling my shorts down! Thankfully the path by Silverstone is on the right side of Dadford Road (if going towards the A43), so I didn’t flash any unsuspecting people in their cars! I managed to get everything in the right place (I think I carry too much stuff!) as I got back to my car, so could shed the unwanted layer.

As I went around my second lap, the shoot had moved on slightly…right to the lane I was going to extend my distance with! Instead I went back to the normal route though the woods, and decided that I would carry on up past the circuit and into the village. As my watch beeped to tell me I’d done 10km I decided that I would go for another km and turn around, making it about 12km in total. Going into the village I felt better than I expected and surprised when my pace flashed up around the 7min/km mark for both 10 and 11 kms…coming back I then realised it was because it was downhill! If I didn’t feel the hill going down, I certainly did going back up it! It’s amazing how running makes you aware of hills that you never knew existed before, no matter how familiar you are with a road.

Anyway, I made it back to the car in one piece, but no sign of Jay who I knew had finished. I carried on a little bit to find him – by this point I was at 12.7km thinking I wouldn’t make it to 13km without doing some strange loops so I decided to stop the watch and start to cool down. I recorded my cool down so I could check my heart rate, and of course walking back to the car was longer than I expected and so I would have made 13km easily! Annoying, next time I’m making it a nice round number. Still, over 13km for the day including the warm up / cool down, so I was very pleased with that.

Strava split times of 12.7k around Silverstone

Strava split times of 12.7k around Silverstone

Now I have a garmin watch I don’t record my runs on Strava, but do sync between Garmin Connect and Strava because I love the segment aspect. It was also great to get a well done from my watch for setting a PB for 10km, and then again on Strava! And I got crowns 🙂

Yey for Strava trophies!

Yey for Strava trophies!

Day 18: 12.7km run (and 10 jumping jacks)


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