#Janathon 2014: Day 11 – A change of plan

So today was a total change of plan. Originally it was to be an early 5k run around the forest near Silverstone, but Jay had to work so then running was postponed until the afternoon. Then this morning I started thinking about my goals and want to be hitting 15k in my long run on the first weekend in February, which all of a sudden doesn’t seem so far away!

I know I can do 10k, so I had made my plan with gradual 3k increases from 5k today, thinking I would build back up (and beyond) slowly. But I felt the 5k was ok last weekend so perhaps it would be best to push myself this weekend and do a 10k, so that I can increase the distance a little more gradually between 10k and 15k, incase I need to repeat any runs to be more comfortable. Plus I decided that if 10k was really hard and I hit a wall, I would just walk, and try again next week.

So thats what I did (after a little encouragement from twitter friends, thanks 🙂 ). There’s a loop that I did last year when training for the York 10k that goes out of my village one way, to Buckingham and back out of town along a path by the side of the A421, before coming back into my village another way, along some country lanes – so I decided to do that route. It was a gorgeous morning for running and felt really good to be out, I can see how people get hooked!

Buckingham Road, Gawcott

A nice day for a run!

I follow a few people on twitter that are properly into their running, and one of them is the lovely @runnersog who’s inspirational weight loss has featured in my blog posts before. She is what I think of as a proper runner who does crazy things that I can’t even imagine doing. Like getting up early to fit a long run around her family, running to the shop (urgh, I’d be hot and sweaty) and running a bit further to get to a set distance (surely what you’ve done is fine?)..all unthinkable things to me!

Until today, when the realisation that I’ve got up to go running before work twice this week, and was intending to be setting off at 7.15am this morning (and I thought park run was early last year!).

And then I realised as I was getting ready, that as I was going past the shop that does collect+, I may as well drop my Amazon return off, and plus I could get some sweets incase I need extra energy (usually I try to make sure I have a few fruit pastilles or gummy bears in my pocket, but had none at home).

So when I set off this morning, I had some money and my parcel. And 2.5k later I found myself stood in a shop, hot and sweaty but thankfully there was a queue so I could catch my breath before needing to speak to the lady behind the counter.

On I went, (with a bag of jelly babies as they cost exactly the same as the money I had and didn’t want change clanging around in my pocket), and another 2.5k later I realised the route wasn’t as long as I thought. There is a sign at the turning to my village that says its 1 and 1/2 miles away, yet I didn’t have that far to go to get there, so I wouldn’t make the full 10k distance. Normally at this point I would think ‘ahh but so what if it’s 8k, thats still 8 more km than you would normally do’, but instead I made a deal with myself – if I wasn’t at 7km when I got to this sign, then I should carry onto into the next village now, rather than try and make it up at the end when I really wouldn’t want to run past home. As I got to the sign, and prepared to take the turning, my watch beeped for 6km. Keeping to my deal, I went on into the next village, and had a jelly baby along with a short walk to catch my breath.

Near Winbush Farm, between Tingewick and Gawcott


It was lucky that I did that extra km as went past our house at about 9.5km, so had to carry on through the village anyway! 0.5km didn’t seem so bad, but I’m not sure if I could have persuaded myself to do another 1.5km at this point! I was feeling very weary, so had a jelly baby and slowed down a bit. (It turns out the reason I was knackered wasn’t because 9km is my maximum distance, but more because I had sped up without realising and did my second fastest km of the whole thing!)

Route on Strava

An overview of today’s 10k

Km splits

My km splits

And before I knew it I had made it to 10k – hooray! It’s amazing how good these milestones can make you feel – and even better when my watch told me I had set new 1km, 1mile, 5km and 10km records! I knew there was a reason for buying it! 😀

The 150 jumping jacks when I got home soon drained any remaining energy I had left, so after lots and lots of stretching, I had a shower and ‘borrowed’ Jay’s calf socks!


Day 11: 10k run in 1 hour 14 minutes and 47 seconds (a PB!) and 150 jumping jacks.


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