#Janathon 2014: Day 9

On my running plan, today was my first interval session. A bad nights sleep almost threw me off course, but I managed to haul myself out of bed with @Stellian’s words ringing in my ears from Tuesday. I swear it was darker than the other morning!

I’ve been leaving my garmin on the doorstep as I put my trainers on, so that it’s found satellites by the time I’m ready to go…except this morning it beeped to tell me that the battery was low – and then switched itself off! I wasn’t expecting it to be quite so sudden, but it meant that my planned garmin workout of 1 min fast / slow intervals was out of the window!

Instead I set the alarm on my phone to warn me when I’d done 25 minutes and it was time to cool down, then set off with strava tracking my progress. After a bit of a warm up I did some kind of intervals – I actually ran, rather than jogged, for a few sections, and walked or jogged slower in between. I managed 3.5km in 27 mins 20 – giving an average pace of 20s faster per km over the jog on Tuesday, even though my walks were probably longer. Good to prove to myself I can go quicker 🙂

Day 9: 3.5km run/jog/walk intervals over 27 minutes, 150 jumping jacks and 25 minutes walk around the car park at dinner time.


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