#Janathon 2014: Day 7 – Jogging in the dark

For once I woke up quite easily on my first alarm, I must have been keen to get out and jog this morning – I think it was the thought that I would miss an ideal Neighbours watching opportunity if I had to go out at dinnertime!

It was very, very dark and I was looking out of the window contemplating how scared of the dark I was, when I noticed it was also pouring down with rain. Decision made, Neighbours could wait until after work and I jumped back into bed planning to go out on my dinner break.

A few minutes later I realised I wouldn’t ever know how dark it was outside at that unearthly time of a morning until I went and looked, so I might as well go investigate today so I know for another day. As its pouring down, I’ll just go out and have a quick look. Another minute later and I decided that I may as well put my running gear on anyway, I can’t really go out in my pjs as they wouldn’t have been warm enough and the running gear was right by my bed…

…and lo and behold, I was out at 7am, jogging the streets of my village! It was dark, but most of the time I could just about see where I was going, and when I got to the end of the street lights, I turned around and went down a different street. Even better, it had stopped raining!

I had loaded a workout onto my Garmin to test that feature out, so after a warm up walk I jogged for 9 minutes, walked for 1 minute, jogged for 9, walked for 1 and jogged for a further 5 minutes before a cool down walk. A nice and steady 3.6km to start the day!

Even better I’d finished my jumping jacks and stretched out by 7.40am.

Next time I must remember this tweet from @stellian:

well done. Sometimes the worst bit is getting started.
Yep, it most definitely was!

Day 7: 30mins jogging/walking a total of 3.6km, 100 jumping jacks & 30 mins walking around the car park.


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