#Janathon 2014: Day 5

20140105-100228 pm.jpg

Day 5 and I finally got out for a jog!

J took me to do a 5k loop through Hazelborough Forest near Silverstone race track. I was a bit worried about it being boggy after all the rain, but it was fine as the route stuck to gravel & concrete paths.

20140105-100359 pm.jpg

I started with a 4 minute warm up walk, and had to walk briefly a couple of times on the uphill sections, but otherwise felt quite comfortable. Must remember next time that it’s sheltered in the woods so my long sleeved top & gloves didn’t last long!

After roughly 3k the path came out onto Dadford Road just south of the circuit – I’ve never realised how uphill it is until jogging past the car parks!

20140105-100528 pm.jpg

Again I had to walk briefly as my lungs weren’t quite as comfortable as my legs. The cold air reminded me of grim cross country PE lessons at school, but thankfully I enjoyed it today, don’t know what’s come over me!

Once home it was jumping jacks time, then stretching.

My next run is planned for Tuesday, I just plan to do as much as I can in half an hour & as I’m pretty slow it won’t be all that far, but my plan is to improve gradually & just do what I can!

Day 5: 5km jog with a bit of walking & 100 jumping jacks.


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