Although I don’t often make resolutions, this year I have written down a list of the things I’d like to achieve this year, to give me a bit of focus and remind me to do the things! So, in no particular order, I will:

  • Run (well jog/walk) 500km in total for the year – including doing 10 park runs over the year with Jay
  • Swim 100km in total for the year
  • Get down to a size 10 by continuing to go to Weight Watchers
  • Visit my sister in Australia
  • Pay off 1 credit card and 1 overdraft
  • Take part in Friday Photos flickr challenge
  • Move
  • Declutter once and for all
  • Cook something new at least once a fortnight
  • Own Boo (the Aygo) outright.

Whilst running and swimming with help getting into size 10 clothes, not all of the others are quite so compatible. Paying off the rest of my car, going on holiday to Australia and moving don’t really go well with paying off some of my debt, so not all of those will be achievable…I’ve just got to remember to prioritise! I think it’s unlikely that we’ll move house any time soon, and decluttering is something I’m useless at, but so long as I end the year having made a start on achieving those I’ll be happy!

So now I’ve put these things out there, I had better get on and do them…


So I fancy blogging again…

…of course I do, its bedtime on a Sunday evening.

That means there’s a million and one things I should be doing – preparing for swimming and work tomorrow, making a pack up, things I HAD to do this weekend like find my P60 (to file a tax return by the end of the month) and all the things I wanted to do this weekend (like hang a picture up and put the CDs I got for christmas onto my phone). It doesn’t help that I’ve just looked at my to do list for the first time since writing it on Saturday morning!

I’ll probably spend ages sorting the pretty stuff out and rearranging categories and reading old posts and forget what I wanted to write about, but who knows perhaps I’ll blog again soon, probably when I want to put something off! 🙂