Looking back at 2011

So 2011..wow that went quick!

Overall it was a great year; I finally got to see Take That in concert; Jay & I got back together and he moved in with me & my housemate in July; we went to the Canadian GP and New York to celebrate his graduation; I went to the British GP qualifying and my sister graduated from Plymouth uni, so we had a family holiday in Devon and Cornwall whilst we were all in the same place of the country.

My sister, Mum & me

The year ended on a high when I was asked to stay on at work permanently and Kimi Raikkonen signed to be our driver next season!

Not so good was my attempt at my resolutions in 2011. Unfortunately it was the resolutions left over from 2010 that I did the worst at – losing weight and paying off debt. I did end the year healthier and lighter than I started, but not by a great deal. I also ended the year in a better place financially but I haven’t made a dent in my debt yet. I’m working on it though!

What was successful was the photo a day challenge. I documented my year in photos – not always good quality or interesting subjects, but nevertheless I took a photo almost every day. I missed a few days here and there, but on the whole I’m pretty impressed that I carried the challenge on all year.

#2011PAD Monday 13th June - JFK Airport

One of my favourite 2011 PAD photos - because I still can't believe I took it!

I also started marshalling and had a brilliant time at a variety of events.

So onto 2012.

A couple of weeks in and I’m still motivated, exercising and trying to make sensible food choices.

I’ve signed up for some STEM ambassador events so hopefully I can spend some time giving advice to young people interested in engineering as a career. Unfortunately this has taken some of my free weekends away from marshalling so I’m not sure how many times I’m going to get to Silverstone this year, but I should have time for a few events at least.

I can’t wait for Kimi to be back racing in F1, I really hope it’s a good year for him and the newly renamed Lotus F1 Team.

I’m hoping to go to Festival of Speed at Goodwood in June and Silverstone for the British GP in July. Jay is determined to get to North Carolina for a holiday in the shutdown in August, but that might be a bit too much!


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