Happy New Year!

A little late I know, but I wanted to share the sentiment anyway!

After a manic month of blogging in November I had thought the momentum would carry me through December. How wrong was I?! Here we are in mid January and I am just about recovered enough to consider writing some new posts.

This year I am just making one New Years Resolution: to be fit and healthy by the end of 2012.

This has been one of my resolutions for the past few years and I did make some inroads last year losing about 5kg but that is nowhere near getting into size 10 clothing like I intended! I did the #petrovtoheidfelddiet but after going on holiday in June I didn’t regain my motivation and had a few weeks of exercise and healthy eating here and there, but not a continued effort.

I’ll revisit 2011’s resolutions in another post, but I am determined to make this one a success this year! This last weekend I’ve hit the streets by starting an app ‘Ease into 5k’ to get out running, after two walky/jogs running seems a long way off, but I am enjoying it and one day I will actually be fast and fit enough to be a runner. With my coilitis under control this week I’ve been trying to get some exercise every day for half an hour. I’ve been trying to vary exercise by swimming, doing Zumba on the wii and working out to another app ‘Nike Training Club’, so there really isn’t an excuse not to do something!

As well as the exercise I am eating healthier, more fruit, smaller portions and generally making better choices.

I know millions more will make the same resolution so good luck to everyone sharing a similar journey 🙂


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