My Month of Blogging for #NaBloPoMo

I did it! I wrote a blog post a day 😀

Here’s my month of blog posts:

  1. Confession Time
  2. Restaurant review: 4500 Miles From Delhi
  3. Bempton Cliffs visit
  4. British GP – Thursday
  5. British GP – Saturday
  6. Zumba Fitness Wii Game 
  8. Top 6 Prediction for the Abu Dhabi GP
  9. Book review: Life At The Limit by Professor Sid Watkins
  10. My passions
  11. Remembrance Day
  12. I love this time of year…
  13. Restaurant review: Atomic Pizza
  14. My first year marshalling
  15. Mercedes Benz World
  16. Recipe: Mushroom Risotto
  17. Prestigious Day for UK Engineering
  18. Happiest moment of my life so far
  19. Have you ever, ever felt like this?
  20. Photoshoot with Chris Brock for the UKRC
  21. Rally Show at Cornbury Park
  22. Top 6 Prediction for the Brazilian GP
  23. Kimi Raikkonen video
  24. The greatest motorsport moment of 2011
  25. Rant about bad driving
  26. Bomber Command Heritage
  27. Canadian GP 2011 – Saturday
  28. A job offer
  29. Kimi Raikkonen signs for LRGP!!
  30. …this round up post!

Wow what a month. I still haven’t got through all the posts I wanted too, but it feels like I’ve climbed a mountain! I’ve really enjoyed writing daily (for the most part) and having the challenge of having to write something. However I will be glad when I do not have to write something if its late or I’m tired or I just don’t feel like it!

I’ve been reading a lot more blogs too this month, which I am glad I found. I’m not sure a month is enough to increase skills in reading and writing like I planned, but I certainly feel better for having exercised the skills at least.

The views on my blog have been greater than they normally have and yesterday the total number of unique views broke the 9,000 barrier. The first week brought an increase of views of 100% over the week before! The only month since I started the blog with higher views was March this year when I wrote about my friend doing a half marathon and it got retweeted across the twitterverse.

As part of the #NaBloPoMo challenge I have also been posting onto BlogHer. This is a great site with lots to read as well as organising the prompts and other resources for blogging. The only thing that sits slightly uncomfortable with me is that it is clearly aimed at just women (although men are welcome!). I also found formatting posts more difficult than WordPress.

These posts have got quite a lot of views between them, so its nice to know I’m reaching a wider audience than my twitter followers! Hopefully new readers have found something they like.

The most exciting aspect to posting on BlogHer was one of my posts being picked as a ‘featured post’ on the homepage.

At the time of writing, that post alone has had over 5000 views, 21 facebook shares, 52 tweets, 1 email, 1 sparkle (whatever that is) and 9 comments. That’s just scary!

I hope I’ve blogged about some useful / interesting topics over this month and haven’t bored you too much! Who knows I might start suffering withdrawl symptoms and have to start writing a post a day!

In the style of Gordon Ramsey; NaBloPoMo…. done!


4 thoughts on “My Month of Blogging for #NaBloPoMo

  1. Well Done on completing NaBloPoMo Kala, I have looked forward to getting your posts in my inbox and thoroughly enjoyed reading them…..even some of the F1 ones!!!! haha x

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