Sorry but I need a rant…

Probably every day we all see something on the roads that annoys us, or shouldn’t be done. I often drive behind people who annoy me, doing silly things like driving without lights in the recent fog and occasionally a dangerous driver who overtakes just before a blind corner.

Bad driving infuriates me, so often my facebook status update or tweet will contain a few choice words. Quite often I’ll do what I can to make a point at the time – for example earlier this week a driver pulled in behind parked cars when there was still two lanes worth of space along side of them. So I stopped behind the car but without pulling over. It’s quite petty really, but I made my point!

And the drivers in the outside lane of roundabouts that cut across the inside lane with you in it – well the horn on my Aygo can make a lot of noise if you push it hard enough!

But this morning was one of the most annoying bits of dangerous driving I have ever seen, and even swearing a lot didn’t make me feel any better.

My journey to work on a morning is a straightforward one, but at the moment a new roundabout is being built and the temporary traffic lights cause unpredictable traffic, so I’ve found its easier to go a more scenic route. Half of the road is a single lane track with passing points. There is a bridge over a motorway where the road goes to two lanes.

I was on the single lane bit of road, a lady in a 4 by 4 was on the bit of road with two lanes, just after coming over the bridge. I slowed down to give her more time to stop…but she didn’t bother. She just carried on towards me, and into the single track. I thought she was going to move onto the grass verge..but again she didn’t bother. She didn’t move her car an inch. I love my little car and didn’t fancy an accident so couldn’t compete in her game of chicken and had to pull over onto the grass verge to get out of her way.

On what planet is that a safe way to drive? I’m sure I saw a child in the passenger seat, why on earth would someone drive so dangerously with their most precious cargo? It was a big 4 by 4 so I can imagine you would feel very safe and pretty invincible driving it, but still I would hope all common sense wouldn’t leave the driver!

What can be done in these situations? Is that the kind of driving that can be reported for being dangerous? Assuming that the whole incident is longer than a few seconds and you are able to get any details. Or just hope that the driver made a simple mistake and wasn’t aware that the road narrowed down quite so much so quickly (even if all it takes is to have your eyes open)?


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