My Top 6 Prediction for the Brazilian GP

So its the final race of the season – hasn’t it come around quickly! Half of me is very relieved as my workload eases off a bit but half of me is wondering what will I do on the weekend? I miss F1 over winter!!

Here is my top 6 prediction for the race:

1. Button

2. Hamilton

3. Vettel

4. Alonso

5. Massa

6. Alguersuari

Unsurprisingly my over riding memory of Brazil is the 2007 race. I watched from the Students Union bar with a group of friends, with Finnish flags painted on my face! I didn’t expect to see my driver crowned champion as he was so far behind, but somehow the unthinkable happened. His amazing form at the end of that season as the two squabbling McLaren drivers tripped up and Kimi Raikkonen was finally crowned the World Drivers Champion. I had hoped for him to achieve this whilst at McLaren but it was not meant to be.

A couple of my favourite photos below, there are plenty more I have saved on my computer but I don’t have a clue who took them so I don’t want to publish them uncredited.

Photo Credit: XPB/LAT

Photo Credit: Reuters

The most emotional finale that I haven’t had an interest in the championship outcome is easily 2008. Massa’s family reacting to the news he was world champion as he crossed the line to win the race will stay with me for a long time, as will the despair as Hamilton passed Glock in the last corner to score enough points to snatch the crown. Massa reacted with huge dignity on the podium that day; if only he could do that again this year after all the bickering and argy bargy between him and Hamilton.

Photo Credit: XPB


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