The Rally Show at Cornbury Park

Oh dear, the date that the permanent link for the first draft of this post shows that I started it on the 24th May 2011….however compared to yesterday’s post about a photoshoot that took place in February I feel like I’m a bit more up to date 😉

The weekend of the 14th and 15th of May was a great one for motorsport despite there not being an F1 race on – Saturday involved marshalling at a historic sports car meeting at Silverstone and Sunday I went to the The Rally Show at Cornbury Park.

Despite being really close to work, I’ve never ventured into Cornbury Park so on the drive into the event I thought I was going to end up in Wales! Deep in the forest the stream of cars were eventually directed off the track, to a car park. As soon as I got out the car I could hear the revving of engines and something driving around, so I wrapped up well expecting to trudge further into the estate before arriving at the stage – however the car park was right by it! Brilliant! Having taken so long to get into the event I thought I had missed the MINI WRC’s first run of the day, but lo and behold the first car that swept past me was the MINI! Needless to say I got a bit excited!

The event was the first time that the MINI WRC was shown in public in the UK and the whole reason I wanted to go. Dani Sordo did not disappoint and thrashed the car throughout the stage and over the jump – it was great to see!

The rally stage started off in front of the main house, which provided a great back drop. There were tight corners through bales of hay, straight sections where the cars got some real speed up, a jump and finally a hairpin at the end of the stage. All kinds of cars were going down it all day long – from some really old Escorts, to Micra’s right up to the modern WRC cars (the Fiesta was there as well as the MINI).

Several car clubs turned out to show off their members cars, and there was also an area where the main companies had displays. One of the stands was home made ‘fuffle’ – something mixed between truffle and fudge which was lovely!

It was amazing to get so close up to what felt like a real rally stage, and so close to home as well! There was excitement as the drivers were setting competitive times and there was a knockout competition too. Adding in the extra displays made it a great day out and value for money, it was just a shame the weather didn’t get out nicer which would have drawn bigger crowds I think. Definitely worth going again next year! 🙂


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