Have you ever, ever felt like this?

Now don’t get me wrong, this post isn’t about magical goings on, like the fantasy  kids tv series that the title is taken from, but is about something equally inexplicable – feelings.

Do you ever feel out of sync with the world? I feel like I’ve fallen off my wavelength and I don’t know how to get back on it. I feel uncomfortable like I need to put my pyjamas on, but I’m already in my pyjamas. My teeth in my mouth feel uncomfortable, like I need to brush them, except I have. My toenails feel like they need cutting but they’ve already been cut.

I don’t feel like I’m in a bad mood, it’s just that people close to me have become annoying and frustrating all of a sudden. Of course I presumed they were all being argumentative until this morning, when J told me to go back to bed as I was being annoying! All I said was that he was wrong, the cup of tea he made me wasn’t right, it was too dark, no matter what he thinks. It dawned on me that perhaps it was me! I haven’t been argumentative on purpose but when I think back over the week I don’t seem to have agreed with anything. I think this is what I mean with being out of sync with the world. I don’t feel the need to agree with friends or family or J just for the sake of it anyway, and am not afraid to have my own opinion, just this week none of my opinions seems to line up with anyone.

I almost feel in limbo, like I need to do something, I need to hear an answer to a question…but what is that? To try to lift the fog I opened the windows and let the fresh air and winter sunshine stream in whilst I cleaned the bathroom and hoovered upstairs. After all that’s what a lot of characters seem to do on TV when they have something on their mind. All I got out of it was a clean house, but still, that’s nothing to complain about that. Exercise is supposed to lift the spirits so I did a toning and weights routine and gradually the fog started to clear. This blog post started to form in my mind, so I guess subconsciously I feel like I have done something, I have tried to answer a question. I have no idea how to get back in sync with everyone else but at least the limbo fog has cleared.

I’m looking forward to having some fun tonight – I’m going to Atomic Burger with some friends and calling in on a work friend’s house-warming party – so hopefully I will feel more in step with the world.

And I guess I owe J an apology…dark tea isn’t the worst thing in the world. At least he’d put sugar in it!


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