The happiest moment of my life so far…

Tonight I am lacking inspiration. I want to write, I just can’t decide what to write. So I thought I’d use another prompt from the #NaBloPoMo website.

What has been the happiest moment of your life thus far?

This isn’t that hard for me to answer. I am very lucky that there have been days in my life when I’ve felt like I was about to burst with excitement, I’ve laughed so much I can’t breathe and am crying, and gone to bed with a big smile on my face. Different people and experiences, have all added to the great moments over my 26 years.

The first moment that sprung to mind was the day I found out I had a job at Williams F1 team. I had applied for a year’s placement as part of my sandwich degree and was absolutely over the moon to find out I had got the job and did a lot of screaming and jumping around that day!

Williams is where it all started for me – Damon Hill in the fantastic Williams Renault car of the mid 90’s was what hooked me on F1. Frank Williams and Patrick Head have been heroes for so long and here was little old me, getting a job for their company, the team that had sparked my interest.

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This job offer ended up leading to a rollercoaster of emotions; unfortunately the situation at the team changed and they were unable to offer paid employment for the year. I was unable to live without an income so that dream was put on hold. However it worked out in the end, I got a job at MINI and spent an amazing year at the plant in Oxford. I also was offered a summer placement back at Williams so managed to fulfil my dream in the end!


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