Mercedes Benz World

A few months ago the Thameswey Young Members IMechE group organised a tour of Brooklands Museum. More about that another time, but as part of that day we also visited Mercedes Benz World next door.

The ultimate car showroom, Mercedes Benz World is spread over 3 floors. Current models right across the range from Smart cars to Maybachs were on display for sale amongst historic Mercedes. There was also an F1 display that included a Force India, a few McLarens as well as a Mercedes F1 car.

The museum side to Mercedes Benz World is really well done, and the whole place has the wow factor. As well as static displays you can do driving experiences on the test track at the front of the showroom. It looks like great fun, although I’m not sure how expensive it is to have a go!

One of the best displays was the exploded F1 car. A mix of parts from the original display done during the Honda days with newer Mercedes bodywork, it is a sight to behold! A bit like the whole place really – amazing!


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