Atomic Pizza

I’ve wanted to try Atomic Pizza since it first opened as I love Atomic Burger, but somehow it hasn’t happened until we tried to go to celebrate our anniversary. Unfortunately it was full that day, but luckily for me another chance was only a week away – my birthday.

Unbeknown  to me, J had organised for a group of our friends and some of my work friends to meet up to go out for a meal in celebration of my 26th birthday. He had chosen an all you can eat restaurant but thankfully they have changed into an italian so we got to go to Atomic Pizza – woohooo 🙂

As soon as you get close to Atomic Pizza the fun starts with a funkily decorated exterior wall, before being met with a familiar family in reception.

Photo by @SRT40

Photo by @Pau1Mc

The restaurant is decorated with lots of toys, similar to Atomic Burger, complete with retro kids cartoons being projected onto a wall.

Atomic Pizza

Papa Smurf!


The menu is predominantly pizzas – you can get all the toppings on pizzas that you can get on burgers down the road. There are also ‘American Classic’ main meals  such as ribs and hot dogs, as well as  burgers, so there is a bit of choice.

The pizzas are great value as they are huge and come in three variations – thick, thin and folded. We had a variety of pizzas, mainly thin bases (although I went folded just to be different!). I had a ‘Tony Stark’ which is like a meat feast with steak, bacon, pepperoni and chicken toppings & had to take half of it home as it was so filling.

I was disappointed that I didn’t have space for a pudding or a milk shake at least, but I really enjoyed it, and everyone else seemed to which is good.  The service was great too; so often large groups are blamed for rubbish slow service but it was faultless really, we were well attended to by enthusiastic waitresses!

I’d definitely go again, and would probably go there over Atomic Burger because you get a bit of extra choice on the menu. Unless I was dead set on a burger and then I’d go to whichever I could get parked nearest 😉

Great present from work friends 🙂


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