My Passion

For today’s blog post I decided to follow the prompt on the NaBloPoMo site:

What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion?

Wow this is a surprisingly difficult one. The guys at work often take the mickey out of me for getting so excited over all sorts of things (Smurfs, pens, post-it notes, Neighbours…) that it’s hard to narrow it down!

I think I have to pick my top 3 passions, and in no particular order:

Take That

It won’t surprise too many people reading this blog that I love Take That! They have been a massive part of my life for so long – my earliest memory is related to Take That and despite splitting up their music has been a constant in my life. I still listen to their early stuff & last week inflicted the ‘Do What U Like’ video on work colleagues! I was absolutely over the moon when they announced an album & tour as a 5 piece again and had a brilliant time at one of their Wembley gigs this year 😀

Please be warned people of nervous dispositions may not want to click play!


I love minis. Mini, MINI, Cooper S, estate, convertible, any way shape or form, I just love minis. My 18th birthday present was my very own 1985 Mini Mayfair that my Dad is restoring. A real labour of love that has been going on 8 years now (well it’s been in its current, near finished form for probably 4 of those years at least). I have numerous model minis at home, I have socks, t-shirts, pens, notepads…. a girl can never have too many minis!


This is the most obvious. I live, breathe and sleep F1. Well I often dream about Kimi Raikkonen at least 😉 Jostling for space amongst the minis I have several model F1 cars – all of mine are either Hakkinen or Raikkonen. Most of the books I read are F1 related (apart from the Take That & mini books…are you seeing a pattern?!)  and I liked my passion that much that I went and got a job in it.


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