On Friday evening it occurred to me that Christmas party season is fast approaching (in fact my work do is happening in less than a month’s time) and I have no inclination to go shopping to get a suitable outfit.

After seeing lots of adverts for Holly Willoughby’s clothing range on I decided to have a look – after all it’s intended for curvy women.

For once I was spoilt for choice; I had about 20 tabs open at once with various dresses that I managed to whittle down to 10 that I liked enough to want to try on. So I signed up for a very account, which was surprisingly quick and easy to get £1500 to spend! They have lots of options – for example pay nothing for 12 months, but I would warn anyone agreeing to this to have a look at the interest as I bet it’s huge! As I don’t intend on keeping all of my dresses (9 will be going back), I didn’t look at the different finance options; I’m in enough debt already and I don’t want to add to it.

The 10 dresses I picked ranged in price, style and colour to try to give a good selection and hopefully something that I’ll want to keep. By the time I placed my order it was very late Friday night, but amazingly when I received an email on Saturday confirming my order, almost everything was going to be delivered on the next working day.

I didn’t really believe that it would arrive today as I hadn’t paid for any special delivery, but lo and behold it did! I was really impressed with the speed and also the packaging of the dresses.

I’d definitely use Very again & would recommend them to anyone wanting to buy online.

20111107-113031 PM.jpg

If you follow me on twitter apologies for taking over your timeline, but I took some photos as I tried the dresses on, and whittled my choices down. I’ve still got 3 to decide between, but at least I’m a bit closer to the outfit! Thank you to everyone who complimented the dresses and gave me your honest opinions, they were very much appreciated. Far better than Jay’s immediate ‘no’ when he got in and I was wearing one of the dresses he doesn’t like!

Here’s some of the dresses, I’ve not take pictures of some of the frilly disasters! Apologies for poor lighting and I’m headless as my face has decided it is harking back to my teenage years and I’ve got loads of spots 😦

20111107-113024 PM.jpg

Mint Velvet Bodycon Bandage Dress in Mocha

This was a wild card choice and I’m glad I did go for it as it feels really nice when it’s on. The dress is made from heavy jersey material so it does smooth out lumps and bumps 🙂 It’s a shame about the colour – it’s not as dark in real life as in my poor lighting shot above!

20111107-113039 PM.jpg

Holly Willoughby Diamante Detail Jersey Dress

 I picked this one incase the rest left me feeling a bit naked, but it actually felt a bit frumpy on. It certainly looks better in the photo than it felt!

20111107-113047 PM.jpg

The Twitter Favourite 🙂

Ah the ‘booby’ bodycon dress. Again a wild card and I’m actually really glad I did as its high quality material, thick strong material that keeps you streamlined. And thanks to all of twitter for their comments on this one!

20111107-113057 PM.jpg

Holly Willoughby Jersey Bustier Maxi Dress in Teal

 This was my favourite whilst looking at the website and I ordered two sizes as the reviewers said it can come up a bit small. I found I was inbetween sizes really, and besides there was too much material and too much going on around the tummy area, drawing attention to it, which is never good!

20111107-113104 PM.jpg

Amanda Wakeley V-Neck Embellished Maxi Dress in Midnight Blue

 This dress was slightly disappointing as it felt a bit cheap. The midnight blue colour and sparkles make it a lovely dress though! A conundrum until @kazb711 put me straight!

20111107-113112 PM.jpg

Holly Willoughby Studded Pencil Dress

This dress is a little strange. It’s made of thick material like the body con dress, so it holds you in and smooths any lumps and bumps. But its a little on the short side and it has huge shoulder pads! Although mine isn’t a very good picture you can tell that the studs aren’t as bright on the picture on the website which is a shame.

So now I’ve just got to decide between the bodycon dresses, which I feel most comfortable in so I won’t be always pulling the hemline down & the hoiking the top up!

Jay is insisting that I should get some new shoes, apparently my one pair of going out shoes are a bit dated now! I’m not that surprised as they are at least 5 years old! It means that I need to hit the dreaded shops at some point, I couldn’t escape it entirely 😦


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  1. I’m sorry I missed the fashion show last night. You chose well. I am going to pile in behind the Twitter favourite, although I really like the brown one, the teal one and the blue halter necked one too. Whichever you choose, you will look a million dollars:-).

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