Shutdown 2011 – Week 2: Bempton Cliffs

Part of my motivation for doing NaBloPoMo was to catch up with half written blog posts that I’d started and never got round to finishing. I’m lacking inspiration today for a new post so I thought I’d finish this one!

I’ve previously written about the first week of the shutdown in summer, and visiting Liverpool for a football match and Knaresborough over the weekend before the second week.

After a weekend rushing around Monday was a more gentle affair, with a trip to Bempton Cliffs with my Mum.

Bempton Cliffs is an RSPB reserve near Bridlington on the east coast.

It has a little hut which combines gift shop with cafe with information centre – and the staff are extremely knowledgable & a great asset.

Once on the clifftops there are walks in both directions, which once out if the reach of the reserve carry on if you like a longer walk (I don’t so the length of the reserve is far enough!).

There were lots of gannets nesting on the cliffs, with chicks that were quite large. Unfortunately we’d missed the Puffins, but it’s still a sight to behold to see all the remaining seabirds.

Mum was in her element talking to the RSPB volunteers that were stood at a viewing point with a telescope. Dogs are allowed on a lead and we had taken Kimi so I tried to keep her busy. Thankfully she got bored about the same time as me and starting barking to hurry Mum along!

Somehow I haven’t got any photos of birds but believe me they were there!

Although it has always been windy and wild whenever I’ve visited Bempton Cliffs, it’s a nice walk along the sea, with loads to look out for. Well worth a visit for a few hours 🙂


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