4500 Miles From Delhi

Jay & I celebrated our 8th anniversary a couple of weeks ago by going out for a meal. We intended to go to Atomic Pizzas but it was full so we headed into town. Oxford was packed and every restaurant we went walked past looked full. We decided to try Jamie’s & Nando’s as they are both places I would love to go but they were queued out of the door. Another place we both wanted to try was 4500 Miles to Delhi on Park End Street.

We had a quick look at the takeaway menu on the door & the prices seemed reasonable so we were relieved when they had some free tables.

The restaurant looked great with a modern interior and we were impressed to read that the chefs were brought over from Delhi to ensure authentic food.

4500 Miles from Delhi – Photo from http://www.inoxfordmag.co.uk

I’m not very adventurous when it comes to Indian food; I don’t like hot, spicy food but love creamy kormas. So I placed my order without reading the menu in great detail whilst Jay decided on something new to try.

We had the usual poppadoms and pickles, which were presented really nicely with lovely flavours. We didn’t have to wait long for our main meals to arrive. I had ordered a lamb korma, Jay a chicken dish, along with pilau rice, onion bhaji and a couple of chipatis. The portions didn’t look that generous but were actually really filling. Neither dishes were very creamy & were more tomatoey and spicy than we expected, but still tasty. We put this down to the restaurant being a more authentic Indian than the usual takeaways that we have been to.

We got a bit of a shock when the bill came as it turned out I hadn’t had a lamb korma at all, I had actually had one of the most expensive dishes! I think korma said with a yorkshire accent sounded similar to whatever dish I ended up with, in the same way the name of the dish said with an Indian accent sounded the same as korma to me! Thankfully the staff were understanding and knocked the difference off.

Overall I think the food was nice and I would go again if I was desperate for an Indian meal when going out to a restaurant, but to be honest I’d rather have a takeaway for half the price.


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