Confession Time

This is like one of those Q & A things that used to circulate in Facebook notes. I was tagged in Kati’s blog post, so I thought I would give it a go as my first NaBloPoMo post to give a bit of info about me (as if you don’t know enough ;)).

So the rules:

  • Thank the person who sent the challenge
  • Pass the challenge onto 8 other bloggers
  • Share 8 confessions

So thank you Kati 🙂 I follow a few blogs but some of the people who I can think of to tag have already been tagged! If anyone else blogs and wants to do it feel free & post a link in the comments.

I guess as these are confessions it’s supposed to be things that you won’t necessarily know about me.

1. I have a sister who I hated when we were growing up. I was awful to her and called her all sorts! She knew exactly how to wind me up so it wasn’t all one sided but I do feel bad about it now. Everyone said we would be the best of friends once we were adults and thankfully they were right 🙂

2. My Grandad was the vicar of All Saints church in Cawood, which is near York. Whilst religion and his church played a big part of my family life, it was not shoved down our throats, which I am grateful for.

3. I occasionally buy The Sun newspaper. I don’t often buy papers, especially now when so much is available on the internet, but when I do it tends to be The Sun. I also read the Mail Online despite the quality of writing in both of the papers driving me up the wall. What can I say, I just look at the pictures!

4. I learnt to play the piano at infant school & practised on the school’s piano at dinner time. I probably couldn’t even play the theme tune to Eastenders now!

5. I don’t like ringing people up on the phone. Partly because I don’t like people ringing me and disturbing what I’m doing, so I don’t want to be doing the same to others. Also because it’s just so awkward!

6. I really want a couple of tattoos. One I would love is the Take That symbol, I’ve just got to decide where I want it. Probably on my hip so it’s covered up.

7. It once took me 45 minutes to make instant custard. And on more than one occasion, custard has exploded all over the microwave.

8. I’m a sloth. Lazy, quiet days are my favourite – generally involving spending the day in bed, watching tv / reading / surfing the internet. And most days just getting a shower requires a monumental effort as I just can’t be bothered!


3 thoughts on “Confession Time

  1. I’m with you about phoning people up, I always text! Even if it was quicker to ring them and get it over with instead of sending 2-5 texts lol so glad you decided to take this Q & A 🙂

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