That random collection of letters stands for National Blog Posting Month. This is based on the similar project where participants write a novel in a month in November, but for bloggers to write a post a day. The idea has spread to include any month of the year (or every if you so wish) but I have decided to sign up to do it in the ‘traditional’ month of November.

Why take part? Well I have 11 blog posts half written and at least another 5 in my head, but I never seem to get the time to get my thoughts written down. So my plan is to use NaBloPoMo to ‘force’ me into putting aside some time every day to get it all out of my system. Apologies to email subscribers, I hope you don’t get fed up of me filling your inboxes!

I also want to use the opportunity to get a better grasp of the English language. When I was younger I read anything and everything, resorting to the Yellow Pages and the dictionary when I had run out of library books. Then university came along and after spending the majority of my time giving my brain a heavy workout, I couldn’t face reading anything more taxing than tabloid newspapers and I have got out of the habit of picking up a book. Recently I have also been struggling to spell some words that I probably knew how to spell at 12  (like separate, I always have to write it several times with a combination of e’s and a’s before I settle on the correct spelling). Teasing by work colleagues for coming out with sayings such as ‘them ones’ (apparently I should be saying ‘those’) made me realise that I really have let things slide! Work is totally the opposite to university, in that written reports are kept to a minimum, so not only do I not read but I don’t write a great deal either.

So I am going to attempt to write a blog post a day (forgive me if I cheat and schedule a post or two), on a variety of subjects.  I might not get to the end of the month with 30 posts but I’ll give it a good go 🙂


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