I wish scientists could work out what controls motivation in the brain and come up with some kind of vitamin supplement to take to ensure it remains high all the time! The cold crisp autumnal mornings have made me realise the year is drawing to a close & so this means its been several months since I last stuck to my Petrov-to-Heidfeld-diet. This means its time to get back on the band wagon and put some actual effort in, if I want to achieve my targeted weight loss! 

I’ve got back into the exercise swing of things the past week or two, with gym visits and venturing back to the swimming pool. In August I took out a swimming membership & at £20 a month so far each swim has cost me £10! Shows how little I have been but I am determined to change that!

We have been trying hard with planning meals, getting everything in we need & cooking some decent meals this week, I’ve also been keeping the snacking to a minimum, so am going in the right direction. 1kg (blame Jay for switching the scales into kg and I can’t be bothered changing back into lbs every week) down this week so 14kg more to go!

My main motivation is to feel healthier & to look better but keeping track of the numbers is an easier way to know whether I’m on track or not. The weight goal might change as it might be too low for me, but it’s something to aim for. In the short term I would love to be a dress size smaller in time for my work’s christmas do the first week in December.

To keep me going and motivated I am going to read and re-read some inspirational blogs – previous posts of mine to give me a kick up the backside such as Before, Sarah’s journey after being diagnosed with diabetes & another Sarah’s successful and absolutely amazing weight loss in 2011. If anyone else has any other sites they can recommend please do & I’ll add them to my google reader 🙂


6 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. Hey, I’m using myfitnesspal – you have an iphone so that’s half the battle. All the forums and stuff, as well as the calorie/exercise tracker – and a barcode scanner are really useful. Feel free to add me if you like (same u/n as my twitter)

  2. I know how you feel just too well! It’s so hard to get into the exercising/dieting routine especially if you have tried many times in the past and always failed. I’m not sure what happened earlier this spring but I just seemed to find this famous ‘motivation’. I have lost about 7 kg since May. Now my progress has come to a hault cuz I have lost my mojo and keep snacking on naughty things again… I blame autumn and the lousy weather. I have managed to avoid gaining weight but I really must try harder so get back into the routine I had all summer. Good luck babe! x

    PS: I have got something for you in my latest blog post 😉

    • Thanks Kati, I’m glad I’m not the only one! I hope you can get back into the swing of things as you were doing so well!

      oo I shall go look at your latest blog post! x

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