Wake Me Up When September Ends

Much to my surprise, September has already ended! Where did that month go?

Life has got in the way of all my plans, I have a list of blog posts I wanted to write, alot of photos I wanted to edit and post, a few piles of stuff to be sorted, a house waiting to be cleaned and a lawn that needs it’s last cut of the year!

Two weekends were spent in York visiting Jay’s Nana who was very ill in hospital. It got to the point where we dashed up so Jay could say his goodbyes essentially (I had a cold so couldn’t go in) but thankfully she seems to be on the mend.

Since then I have spent 9 days on holiday along the Devon & Cornwall border, staying with my family in a lovely cottage near Plymouth. The week was exhausting but we had lots of laughs and proud moments as my sister graduated with a first class BSc (hons) in Marine Biology.

Having the week off work hasn’t helped me have a peaceful month and the work seems to be piling up. Personally I blame Bernie Ecclestone arranging back to back races as all the simulation for both events needs doing at the same time! Add in a few niggly problems requiring lengthy workarounds and there we have a recipe for some very late nights!

Some sort of normality can reign this coming weekend, and I can’t wait. 1600 miles done in 200 mile chunks straight after work on a friday night or last thing on a Sunday night has really taken it out of me and I haven’t even driven a single one of those miles! As lovely as it was to see family (even under the circumstances) I am glad its another month before we need to do that again!

By then I might have made a start on all the jobs on my list, but with 2 or 3 days marshalling booked in between now and then, I wouldn’t bet on it!


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