My Top 6 Singapore Prediction

Just a bit late posting this seeing as the race happened a few days ago, but never mind.

My prediction was:

1. Vettel (he’s a given this year I think)

2. Hamilton (surely he can’t make any more mistakes…oops he went and made more)

3. Button (decided against my normal strategy of ‘Button’s fitter so he can finish higher than Hamilton. Going back to that way of thinking for Suzuka!)

4. Alonso

5. Webber

6. Massa

Was it just me or was the race was a bit of an anti-climax? Singapore looks fabulous, the cars look fabulous but the race was pretty boring by 2011 standards. Still at least we have Hamilton to give us something to talk about!

While we’re on the subject of Singapore, here’s one of my favourite videos on Youtube:


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