Shutdown 2011 – Week 2: Knaresborough

After Saturday’s day across the Pennines for the football match, Sunday was a more sedate affair spent with my Mum, her brother and her Mum. It was my Gran’s 84th birthday & we went to the Anchor Inn at Whixley, near Knaresborough.

It is a lovely pub, right in the centre of Whixley village and the quality of the food was emphasised by a queue of people, waiting for opening time when we arrived. We timed it perfectly as the doors had been opened by the time we got out of the car & so we didn’t have to wait.

It was a bit confusing when we got into the pub where to go, as the bar was packed and there are so many rooms to choose from. Now my Gran is very particular so after looking around the pub Mum found the perfect spot, by a window with lots of flower boxes and no where near the bar. The food was all served as a carvery, so everyone paid the same price & could pick what they wanted when we got to the hot plate.

As it was a sunday there was only one thing I was having and that was the roast! I had pork as the crackling looked gorgeous and I wasn’t disappointed. As some of the carvery options weren’t roast meat, the vegetables were a bit of a random mix and I ended up with carrots, roast & new potatoes and courgettes with my humongous homemade yorkshire pudding and thick wedge of pork. It was absolutely gorgeous and I had no complaints. My Gran wasn’t happy as the cauliflower was too hard for her but everyone else’s was cooked perfectly! We managed to make enough room for pudding, although Mum and I had to share one. It was chocolate chocolate and more chocolate.  Some kind of double layered chocolate mousse with cream. Yummmmmm!

After the pub we went into Knaresborough town centre and had a wander around. The town was gearing up for an arts festival so there was all sorts of paintings around, including this:

We walked around the ruins of  Knaresborough Castle & looked back down over the River Nidd, before walking back to the town to find a tea shop & warm up as it was chilly in the wind. Somehow (I’m not sure how) my Uncle and I had warmed up enough and made enough space to have ice-creams – and they were well worth it too!


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