Shutdown 2011 – Week 2: Liverpool vs Valencia Match

The second week of my shutdown from work was spent between mine and J’s parents houses, up north. It’s the longest time I’ve spent at home since Christmas and as always it was lovely to be back. Shame time flies so quickly though!

Saturday was spent in Liverpool, taking J’s niece T to her first football match (her 10th birthday present). Liverpool had a pre-season friendly against Valencia and the match tickets are cheaper than league matches and aren’t in quite as high demand so we like to make the most of it!

J has family in Liverpool (his Dad is a Scouser) and we generally pop in to visit them whilst we are in town for a match. Unfortunately this time mis-communication meant that we didn’t get to see them but gave us an hour or so to spare, so we managed to have a wander around Liverpool One. It’s a fantastic shopping centre so it wasn’t all bad! I was a bit disappointed that the lambanana had gone, but we had a good look around & J bought a cool retro Liverpool tshirt.

The match itself was good, Liverpool played well and won 2-0. Gerard’s injury was the only downside as it meant we didn’t get to see him but Downing was great!

We were sat near the centre line in the Main Stadium, so could see all of the pitch and the action. What was quite annoying is that we had to pay the adult price for T’s ticket as children’s tickets are only available in one section of the Anfield Road end, high up in the rafters and in one corner so not the best view in the house. Probably why they do it, but still, annoying to have to pay an extra tenner.

T loved the whole experience, she stood on the seat and held our scarf up during the rousing rendition of ” You’ll Never Walk Alone” before kick off and joined in with every chant as soon as someone in the Kop started singing! Each half was just perfect for her attention span as she started to get fidgety in the last few minutes but that was better than I expected to be honest from a 10 year old at her first football match! I’m already looking forward to the next match 🙂



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