Bahrain’s Back

Today the FIA confirmed that the Bahrain GP will take place on the 30th October, taking the Indian GP slot & pushing that race back to the end of the season.

Now I don’t know what’s happening in Bahrain at the moment, I haven’t been keeping up to date with the news & to be honest you can never be sure of the news agencies agenda so I doubt we ever get the full story.

Whether the country is stable enough for a worldwide event is not for us to decide & to be honest I don’t think the FIA should be considering the political aspect. Well let me rephrase that – I think they should but I don’t expect them to. Money is what makes their world go round, so the countries willing to pay up will get a race regardless of the human rights record unfortunately.

To me, the FIA should be considering staging the race in Bahrain, only with regards to F1. Is it safe for F1 to go there? Can it be fitted into the already packed season? Do we really need that 20th race this season? The answer for me is no, no & no. And so I don’t think the race should go ahead.

The latest travel advice is for tourists to avoid large crowds, and I can’t think of much larger crowds than an F1 race. If terrorists/opposition wanted an audience, then the opportunity is surely to good to miss with the eyes of the world on them?

Moving the Indian GP proves that it can’t be fitted into the F1 schedule – if Korea managed to pull together an F1 track in a few weeks then I’m sure India can. Ending the season in December after a mammoth 2/3 months away from home for the F1 circus is just not fair & probably by that point, quite dangerous with serious fatigue kicking in I’d imagine!

And the season is exciting enough, without the need to squeeze the extra race back into the schedule.

Leave Bahrain off the calendar this year, let them sort themselves out & concentrate on rebuilding their country ready for the 2012 season opener. Please Bernie!


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