AMOC & Greenpower at Silverstone – 30th April & 1st May


My second and third events for marshalling happened to come along all together on a lovely sunny weekend at the end of April.

I signed up for Aston Martin’s Owners Club Racing purely on the cars I was expecting to race….pretty Aston’s! It turned out to be even better than that with some Ferrari’s and Porsche’s competing in an intermarque race as well as old and new Aston Martin’s.

Even Dave Richards & Christian Horner turned up to have a go!

I was in Luffield Centre again, at the end of the pitlane. We didn’t have a huge amount happen near us, a little old gorgeous Sunbeam broke down and needed a push towards the end of the day, but that was all we were needed for.

There was almost a huge accident with a car heading directly for the barrier protecting us at the pit entry, but thankfully the driver managed to regain control & everyone else managed to avoid him!

Some of the racing left a bit to be desired but all in all a fab day.

The second half of the weekend turned out to be even better which totally surprised me.

Greenpower is an initative for students at school and apprentices in companies to design and build an electric racing car. With a top speed of about 35mph and the short race being 1 hour and 20mins (the other 4 hours) I wasn’t expecting to spend the day totally enthralled – but that’s exactly what happened.

The cars were mixed – some looked fantastic and some weren’t finished, but all of them were impressive, the fact that the kids had managed to do it all by themselves! And some of the drivers looked way to young to be in charge of a car, no matter how slow it was!

In the end the mix of cars and experience provided great racing, every lap there was something going on in front of me. The large field helped no doubt, as there were very few lulls, not that you could tell if you weren’t watching, as the cars were so quiet!

I was marshalling at Maggots & for the majority of the day I was in charge of the yellow flag. It was a fabulous opportunity to get to try flagging, without a huge amount to have to keep track of as yellow & red were the only ones to be used on the day. I was also glad as it meant I didn’t have to scramble up and down the wall that we were stood on top of!

In the end there were loads of cars slowing down looking as if they were going to break down but only two did, mainly I think because it is a bit of a downhill section of track, and the cars generally made it round onto Wellington Straight before stopping! There were plenty of recovery trucks on the track though, so my arm got a good workout waving the yellow flag to warn the drivers!

The view down to Becketts:


The winners of the corporate challenge:



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