Britcar/BRSCC @ Silverstone, 26th March 2011

My first foray into marshalling was amazing, I absolutely loved it. I was put onto Luffield Centre (just under the new timing board) as it is a ‘quiet’ post and had 4 helpful gentlemen to bring me up to speed with all things marshalling.

Saturday was a good mix of events – Intersteps single seaters, Mini Se7ens & Migilas, Alfas & Britcar endurance with all sorts of entrants from Moslers to an MX-5, Seat Leon and lots in between.

There were a few spinners in Brooklands & Luffield as well as a few breakdowns – one mini lost a load of water causing another one to spin – the only incident of the day that needed our attention. I helped another marshal jump start the spinner whilst the poorly mini was pushed behind the barriers.

We went out between sessions with brooms to make sure it was clean but luckily there wasn’t anything dropped.

The other big incident near us was a Porsche and a BMW having a disagreement over the same piece of tarmac in the last race of the day. Luckily both got away again, with all the broken bits of car off the road so we didn’t need to do anything with that one.

The guys on my post were really friendly, talking me through what to do incase of an oil spillage, what different flags mean & all kinds of things marshalling related. I thought I was well prepared for Silverstone’s weather (4 layers under my jacket including thermals) but it was a bitterly cold, windy afternoon. I can see how it may be a bit depressing on a wet day!

The hardest thing by far was the 10 hours stood up – I’m not used to such a long time on my feet! I think that (along with carrying fire extinguishers whilst running through gravel traps) needs a bit of practice.

I really enjoyed my day though, and can’t wait for a day of watching Aston Martin’s at the end of April 🙂





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