Atomic Burger Breakfast – mmmmmm

I went for breakfast at Atomic Burgers on Cowley Road in Oxford a couple of sundays ago and thought I might try my hand at writing a mini review!

Atomic Burgers do American style breakfasts so the options were waffles with bacon and maple syrup, pancakes with maple syrup, pancakes with bacon, egg, sausage patty and maple syrup… mmmmmmmmmmmm

As I was breaking the Petrov-to-Heidfeld-diet (see the ‘Before‘ post for details) I thought I would do it properly so plumped for the pancakes and fry up. It was a little more expensive than the other dishes but as it was two of them combined it was well worth it. I’ve never had pancakes and a fry up but it tasted delicious & the pancakes were lovely and fluffy. I had to leave one of them as I was so full!



Since I’ve been Atomic Burger have launched a new website & menu, and now serve breakfast every day so get yourself down there! The burgers are gorgeous too 🙂




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