Any questions?

I’ve had a few questions through twitter, facebook, and email recently asking about how I became an engineer, what qualifications/experience is required and about getting a job in F1/motorsport.

I thought I’d do a proper blog post on it at some point as it would be good for the IMechE blog that I also post on (

Is there anything anyone would like to ask? On behalf of kids/friends kids/general nosiness? Leave them in the comments or on twitter & I’ll compile them in the comments to keep track of them (if there are any of course!).


2 thoughts on “Any questions?

  1. Hi Kayleigh,

    My biggest question is, how do you get your foot in the door? I am a mechanical design engineer, graduating from university this May. I have done freelance CFD analysis, published scientific journals on motorsports engineering, and the list goes on. However, whenever I apply to motorsports teams, NASCAR, Le Mans, etc I continue to get rejected because I don’t have any official experience working in motorsports. How does one get experience if they given an opportunity?


  2. Hi Mike,

    Now that is one question I can’t give a definitive answer I’m afraid. Work experience is a catch 22 situation – you can’t get any till you have some!

    All I can say is keep persevering and don’t give up.

    Firstly make sure your CV pushes whatever experience you do have – having published journals is a fantastic achievement, well done! Make sure you list anything that is relevant – and even things that don’t immediately come to mind but show your enthusiasm and passion for engineering / motorsports. (In my case I have school work experience in an engineering company and a BMW dealership listed; nothing I learnt there is applicable but it shows I have been interested in relevant areas).

    With a good degree (almost) behind you, apply for anything and everything that you are willing to do, even if the job description is something you can’t meet (X amount of years experience for example) – the important thing is to get your CV read. If a job has an online submission a computer will pick out keywords and so there is a higher chance that your CV won’t get read, so always try to find either an email or a postal address to apply to (not always possible but check just incase).

    Its hard work but junior positions, especially in CFD do come up and teams are quite often on the look out for cheap labour so graduates fit right in there.

    Also does your uni have any links with any particular teams/ companies?

    Just to give you a bit of hope – I graduated in June & didn’t have any interviews til the October, despite applying for jobs throughout my final year (I was too picky at the start though and didn’t apply for everything only what I thought I could do). Finally at the end of November I was contacted by someone who had kept my CV on file from when I applied for a job several months earlier that I was immediately rejected for as I didn’t meet half of the requirements. So it does happen!

    Good luck with your final few months 🙂

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