Authors for Japan

Firstly like everyone else it has been awful to watch the destruction and devastation caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. My heart goes out to everybody effected, it must be awful to have to live through that.

Author Keris Stainton has proved how useful social media such as twitter and blogs can be with Authors for Japan – the result of an appeal to fellow authors to donate something to be auctioned to raise money for the British Red Cross Tsunami Appeal. By the looks Keris has been inundated, with 170+ auctions live on the website at the moment.

All sorts of literary based goodies are up for grabs, from signed books to dedications to mentoring and critique sessions if you are writer too.  The website is incase you missed it 😉

I’m amazed watching it unfold, every time Keris tweets about the latest count of views or comments (mostly bids),  I am pleased that those people involved have been able to do something to help the people of Japan.

So please click on that link, have a nosey, bid if there’s something of interest and pass it onto your friends 🙂

I promise not to post charity appeals every week!


2 thoughts on “Authors for Japan

  1. How funny (peculiar, not ha ha)! I used to work with Keris at Shiny Media; I had no idea she was behind authors for Japan.

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