2012 Olympics

I really want to go to the 2012 London Olympics just because its so very rare to be able to go to these kind of events 40 miles down the road. But jeez they make it difficult don’t they?!

A ballot for tickets is really the only way to do it without crashing ticket companies like the rush to get Take That tickets late last year, so I can understand that. But the fact that they take the payment before telling you what you have managed to get is unfair, nevermind that the only accepted payment in Visa. Luckily I have a Visa card but why should others be forced into getting a product/service that they didn’t want just to buy tickets?

I’m going to apply for an opening ceremony ticket just because I think it would be great to be there for that. But I think I’ll make do with going to the free events like the marathon if I do go to anything else!


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