Totally inspired by Sarah’s blog about her weight loss so far, from today I am going to be very strict with what I eat.

In the last month I have really got into going to the gym and walks, and have improved my diet but not done anywhere near as much as I should have and kept eating crap.

My problem is most days I don’t think about my weight; I don’t often look properly in the mirror for example and only really want to do anything about my weight after I’ve been to get new clothes and struggled to find anything that fits correctly.

Along with reading Sarah’s blog, a massive dose of reality came with the realisation that I weigh the same as Mr Petrov, which if you’ve ever seen a picture of him stood up – well he’s got about 3ft on me!

So from today I am going to make the diet work as well as the exercise & my first aim is to get down to the weight of Mr Heidfeld.

To help motivation here’s some embarrassing before photos taken over the past year, when my weight hasn’t really changed all that much:

And this is what I’m aiming at (size 10 jeans!!!):

So no more giggling as I eat only one chocolate bar instead of 2 or shrugging off my work mates when they say I thought you were on diet when I bring back a cupcake to my desk, I AM GOING TO DO THIS!

So to give me a (do-able) specific goal – when I next go to York (5 1/2 weeks) I will be 8lbs lighter πŸ™‚ I will I will I will….now someone hide the chocolate orange bars from the vending machines that are next to the tea machine please!


9 thoughts on “Before

  1. Not having any cash at work is a good way to avoid the choc orange temptation! (Although it doesn’t stop me robbing cash off Cary on occasion…) Got a stash of cup-a-soup in my desk drawer for when I really am properly hungry, but most of the time it’s just the fact that the chocolate is there…

    • haha oo i can’t go that far, I have to have money incase I’m about to die so therefore will need chocolate! lol But I can make sure I don’t have it on me when I go for a cuppa πŸ™‚

      I need to eat often as am always hungry, but have got a load of fruit to stick in my drawer and get me through the afternoon without dreaming about chocolate malteaser cheesecake! hehe

  2. Good luck! I keep meaning to eat well & drop the bit of weight I’ve gained since getting married (not alot…but I’d rather loose it now while it’s a small amount) but I end up being stressed (work/James trying to get a job/trying to sell my flat) and convincing myself that it’s therefore ok to have a bowl of ice-cream and a glass or three of wine.
    You’ve inspired me to stop letting myself off the hook. From this post on I shall stop eating treats & rubbish! Till my trousers fit properly again anyway…

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