Advice about Copyright

Now I need a bit of advice from other bloggers – how do you get around copyright of photos?

I have tried to steer clear of using any photos other than what I’ve taken myself but posts are a bit boring when they are all text. Especially when talking about F1 stuff would be nice to show some of the pretty cars.

I’m guessing I can’t just save a copy of a photo I like & use it so long as I say I got it from X or Y as that’s not getting the websites permission. I guess there are copyright free photos – but where do I find them?

And do the media sections of f1 teams websites with photos for editorial content mean that I can use them too?

Any help much appreciated!


6 thoughts on “Advice about Copyright

  1. Already got some response through twitter, I thought I’d put the tweets here to keep everything together & incase anyone else will find it useful:

    @unkn0wnvariable says: Google stock photos. They’re copyright free pictures that you can use without asking permission. In general you shouldn’t use pictures from websites unless they say you can. That doesn’t stop some people though. also Flickr and Deviant Art are useful for finding pictures with creative commons licences that allow reproduction of the picture. I usually publish all my pictures to Flickr with a CC licence that allows people to use them for non-commercial purposes. Creative Commons licensing – I use this one – The other thing to look for is “royalty free”. There’s lots of pictures out there you can use.

    Thanks to Ollie for his tips.

  2. Flickr has a thing called the creative commons licence, where people upload photos you can use with attribution. You can do a custom search for creative commons photos, although it’s not that good for motorsport.

    Stock photos are also good (especially iStockPhoto).

    But as a rule of thumb, if you credit someone for their photo (having made sure their site doesn’t say ‘don’t take my photos’) and are willing to take down a photo if asked to, people are usually pretty good about letting you use their stuff.

    For F1, it’s worth emailing PRs and asking for permission to use photos on team websites, as they’re often happy to let you do so as long as you credit the team in the caption.

  3. There used to be a great site called Picapp which would let you use photos for free but they withdrew the service, very frustrating. I mentioned it only because I’m hopeful they’ll one day reinstate it.

    Until then Flickr is the best bet, short of signing up for media credentials for teams/series/etc.

  4. Ah thats great information, thanks a lot Kate & Pat.

    The flickr creative commons licences that you’ve all mentioned looks to be a good way to get a range of photos so I’ll have a closer look at that. I should also look at that for my own photos I guess (that are worthy lol).

    I think it may also be worth looking at getting in touch with teams as that must be what other blogs do to get decent F1 pictures. Will be useful for the engineering blog I write on too.

    Thanks 🙂

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