Well, February ended up being more sucessful than January on the whole 🙂

Saving up is going well, I’ve started exercising (and ENJOYING it too!) and “The List” is proving to be very useful – I’ve almost done everything on there as many times as I should have done over the month! Healthy eating leaves a lot to be desired but I’m getting there. And marshalling, well that has become a reality, all my paperwork is through, I’ve ordered a lovely big orange warm waterproof jacket & some safety trainers and I do my first training session on Saturday!

The photo a day project has managed to keep going for another month, with all the photos here:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/29912007@N05/sets/72157625956010944/

At times it has been very difficult and I’ve lacked inspiration but with the aid of technology I’m pretty impressed with some of the results. Far better than I could have imagined!

The main thing I was looking forward to in February was pre-season testing and that didn’t disappoint, with the highlight for me being Autosport.com’s amazing coverage! Nobody really showed their hand but I have to say it looks like Red Bull didn’t even stretch the legs of the RB7. They look the team to beat again, where everyone else fits into the championship battle will be revealed at the end of March.

Unfortunately this month didn’t all go to plan, Robert Kubica had a horrendous accident and as well as almost killing him, it has taken away the chance of some epic results in 2011. I hope he gets back on his feet soon and recovers from his horrific injuries.

Also political unrest caused Bahrain GP and the test there to be cancelled – shame for us fans to have to wait a bit longer for the first race of the 2011 season but that country has bigger things to deal with! And people’s safety should be the priority, if the GP had gone ahead it may well have been used as a target and who knows what could have happened.

Hopefully March is more peaceful with less casualties. For me it brings marshal training, Pancake Day, the final day of the Ingenious Women project, the final pre-season test in Barcelona, Jay’s niece’s 4th birthday & his Nana’s slightly more than 4th birthday, and the 2011 season opener back in its rightful place – the Australian GP in Melbourne 😀


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