I’ve been useless at blogging, I’ve got a huge list of things to write about but haven’t got around to it. Whilst I have things going back to December to write about I want to look back at January first.

New Years Resolutions

I’m doing quite well on the new years resolutions so far! THE LIST (a massive generic to do list) has proved quite useful, and I even did about half of it, which is a an improvement as the things on it generally get forgotten about, languishing at the bottom of several to do lists (tidying my bedroom for example!).

I’m doing well saving money to pay off my debt, but healthy eating and getting fit hasn’t started yet. It sounds like an excuse but I find January the worst time to start things like that as the gym is always packed with everyone else making a start on their resolutions & I’m not in the organised swing of things, as well…its January! So now its February I’ve got no more excuses so the meal planning & exercise starts this weekend.

I’ve sent my application form off to be a marshal, so can’t do any more for that at the moment.

My most successful resolution has been to take a photo a day, which believe it or not, I’ve managed to keep up! Here is a link to my flickr with January’s photos. I’ve found it fun, some days taking pictures of as much as possible to ensure I have some good choices to pick from, other days trying to find something at 11pm to take a photo of! I’m enjoying playing around with some post processing apps on my phone & if I get a better camera (borrow a camera or get an iPhone 4 ;)) I want to try and experiment with proper photography techniques.

Things I was looking forward to in January 2011

Autosport Show – it was fab, read all about it on one of the blog posts I did manage to write last month!

Pre-season testing didn’t actually begin until 1st Feb but car launches started in January and the first fire up of the new car at work was so exciting! Last year I wasn’t based in the main factory so missed out on opportunities such as this, but thankfully this year I could experience it 🙂

Jay’s parents got a puppy, Jasmine and she is gorgeous! We went up to York for a weekend to meet her and I fell in love in seconds.


So in February I want to do more of THE LIST, get going on my healthy eating and getting fit and blog more! Wish me luck 🙂


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