Autosport International Show 2011

Last week I went to this years Autosport Show at the NEC. I have been lots over the past few years so I wasn’t going to bother this year but the McLaren display changed my mind. And how glad I was!

The McLaren stand was fabulous. There was a few championship winning cars such as Hamilton’s 2008 car & Mika Hakkinen’s 1998 car, the last ¬†Constructors championship winning McLaren, as well as old cars driven by Bruce McLaren himself and Denny Hulme in Can-Am. But best of all, centre stage was a brand new MP4-12c, McLaren’s latest road car, flanked by my favourite car of all time, the McLaren F1. These cars are beautiful. Seeing them side by side like that made me appreciate the common styling; the MP4-12c is clearly a McLaren!


The geeky (as if the rest of it isn’t ;)) engineering side of me was also amazed by a second MP4-12c, displayed without its body work on, just the basic framework of the chassis. All the suspension, engine, gearbox and exhausts was there for all to see – fascinating!

Aside from the McLaren display I also went along to the Group Lotus stand where they had all their racing cars and a few road cars on display. Crofty from 5Live helped Vitaly Petrov and other Lotus Renault GP bigwigs to reveal the new livery which was cool to see, despite it being nothing new as the team released photos before Christmas.

There was loads of other cars and stands to see; I went on a trade day so there was loads of engineering companies displaying their good which was interesting. An exhausting but fun day that I recommend to anybody! You can look at all my photos on flickr, but I’ll leave you with a picture of my other favourite car, the little Mini!


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