I love lists. So here’s another one; 11 things to look forward to in 2011…

1) Going on holiday! I haven’t been on holiday for a couple of years so am pushing the boat out & going on the holiday of a lifetime – 3 days in New York & 3 days in Montreal for the Canadian GP!! Goooo Kimi (whoops its 2011 and not 2009…gooo Renault!)

2) Pre-season testing – less than a month away! The F1 winter has seemed so short with the mid – November finale, but just as withdrawl symptoms are kicking in, car launches & testing are almost upon us.

3) Autosport show at the NEC (Thursday so not long to wait :)). I’ve been loads over the past few years either as a paying customer, working on a stand or as a judge for F1 in Schools, so wasn’t too fussed about going this year. That was until I saw what is going to be on the McLaren display – a McLaren F1 & MP4 -12C as well as F1 cars, including Mika’s 😀

4) TAKE THAT!!! Almost forgot lol, Take That as a FIVESOME at Wembley 😀 😀 😀 😀 I still can’t get over that the five members of Take That are going to be performing together!

5) Jay’s parents getting a puppy…a baby black lab 🙂 Can’t wait to meet her next time I’m up north.

6) My sister’s graduation. She is finishing her final year of Marine Biology at Plymouth uni this summer & to celebrate we’re hopefully going to hire a big house for all the family to stay in & spend some time together.

7) Kimi back in WRC – hopefully this year he’ll use what he’s learnt and stop crashing! I know he’s going to be amazing when he hooks it all up 🙂

8 ) Marshalling! I plan on sending off all my forms soon to join up as a Silverstone marshal. I am determined to finally take the plunge after wanting to do it since I joined uni in 2004!

9) Raising the profile of female engineers & generally encouraging young people into engineering as a career. I want to get more involved in the iMechE & Women’s Engineering Society to help give something back.

10) F1 In Schools – I love the whole initiative & last year was lucky enough to judge in my local regional heat & the national final. It amazes me how the kids put together their whole project & design & make a racing car! I don’t think I could have done it when I was at school.

11) I can’t wait to hear the engine at work fire up for the first time of the season. Last year I was tucked away in a shed so didn’t know what was going on when, but this year as I’m in the main offices near the race bays I intend to go watch with everyone else 😀


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