Its that time of year again…

..and I’m looking back at my 10 resolutions for 2010.

1) Loose 3 stone & get into size 10’s…hmm perhaps I’ll come back to that one next year! lol

2) Clear out the clutter from the flat….I did quite well mid year with two house moves but I’m loosing the battle at the moment. Another one to pick back up after the new year!

3)  Get a new car….Wooo hoo one that I’ve completed 😀

4) Pay off 1/4 of my debt…..Well my finances are in a much better position than they were but I haven’t been able to pay any off my debt. A pay rise in the new year should mean though that I can do something about that next year 🙂

5) Be happy – with or without J…..This year has been a rollercoaster for happiness. Splitting up with J was really hard but the right thing to do. It has ended up giving us both (well really him :P) the opportunity to realise what we had/have and how much we want to be together. So we’re working stuff out & who knows I might get my boyfriend back in 2011!

6) Take more pride over my appearance…all I’m going to say is I failed!

7) Keep in touch with family more often…Glad I did this resolution, I felt like I was a better daughter and granddaughter for it. I intend on keeping this going forever now.

8 )  Do at least 1 boring chore every day…Another fail! Going to do a list for next year to get on top of this one. A massive to do list that can never be thrown out or rewritten because it will have the basics on that I need to do every week. And I might laminate it and have a special pen dedicated to it that can be wiped off. Or I could get a white board specially for the mega to do list!

9) Do at least 1 fun thing every day ..This one I was good at to the detriment of the chores!

10) Set a budget and stick to it…Until December came around I had done well at this, I even kept a spending diary. Then once I started Christmas shopping I found I gave myself too much free reign. Will start to think about my spending more carefully again, after all I can’t save if I spend it all!!


So now I’ve gone over my failures, I’ve started to think of what I want to achieve in 2011. Some of them will carry over (hopefully not forever more!) and some of them will be similar but different. In fact I should have just the one as it covers everything: STOP PROCRASTINATING!

I would also like to do a project type thing, some people I follow on twitter have done a blog post a day, written a novel in a month or taken a photo a day. I quite like the idea of the photo a day as I have a camera phone and take photos of random things, probably nearly every day anyway. I’ll probably need an iPhone4 though so I have a decent camera to do that one 😉


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